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New all time high for battery recycling in North America

North America – A total of 7.3 million pounds (3.3 million kg) of single-use and rechargeable batteries have been recycled across North America so far this year, according to waste management scheme Call2Recycle. This is a 20% increase compared to the first six months of last 2015 represents and a new record.

This year, recycling dedication from retailers grew 17%, while support from municipalities was up 147%. The growing commitment resulted in the collection of almost 2.5 million pounds worth of batteries. In Canada, collections rose 24% compared to last year, resulting in 3.2 million pounds recycled year-to-date.

Quebec is said to ‘lead the charge’ on recycling, collecting more than 1.3 million pounds (600 000 kg). The success is also partly due to Vermont becoming the first state in the US requiring producers to finance a collection and recycling program for single-use batteries, Call2Recycle says.

It points out that more than 54 000 pounds of batteries have been collected in Vermont since the programme launched in January – more than what was collected in the state in all of 2015.

More than 115 million pounds of batteries have been diverted from US and Canadian landfills over the past twenty years, notes Call2Recycle ceo & President Carl Smith. ‘We’re rapidly expanding our reach with municipalities, retailers, and other consumer-facing collection sites to make battery recycling more accessible and convenient for all,’ he adds.

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