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‘Impressive’ battery collection record for Call2Recycle

United States – In 2014, North American battery stewardship programme Call2Recycle managed to increase the total weight of the material it collected for an 18th consecutive year, accumulating nearly 12 million pounds or 5400 tonnes of batteries and mobile phones from across the USA and Canada.

Having begun its collection efforts in 1996, Call2Recycle has now passed the collection milestone of 100 million pounds (45 400 tonnes). ′This nearly 20-year growth record confirms that residents on both sides of the border not only understand the importance of battery recycling, but are taking action,′ the organisation says.

In fact, Canadians recycled more batteries in the first 10 months of 2014 than in the whole of 2013.  ′Specifically, the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec all recorded double-digit collection growth numbers over 2013,′ Call2Recycle points out. Meanwhile, the US state of California collected over 1 million pounds of batteries (454 tonnes) in 2014 to top the national league table for collections.

′Since we measure our success by weight, this latest year of growth is even more impressive given that consumer batteries are getting smaller, lighter and lasting longer than in previous years,′ comments Call2Recycle′s ceo and president Carl Smith. ′Thanks to the continued dedication of our industry stewards and collection partners, these overall gains give us the momentum we need to make an even greater positive impact on the environment in 2015.′

Smith argues that battery recycling has become increasingly simple and convenient; approximately 90% of US and Canadian residents are said to live within 10 miles (16 kilometres) of one of Call2Recycle′s 34 000 drop-off locations.


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