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CHEP’s 100% recycled battery-proof transport solution

Transporting lithium-ion batteries is not without its dangers; they react with numerous substances, can overheat, catch fire or explode. CHEP has created a safe and fully reusable container especially for high-risk products.  

‘With the mass production of batteries, one-way solutions are approaching their limits,’ says Sanjiv Takyar, head of Innovation, Solutioning & Implementation at CHEP. To prevent battery damage in the future, the company has adapted its existing container solutions to meet the ‘stringent’ United Nations regulations for the handling of Class 9 dangerous goods.

The hardware is based on the standard container types EuroBin FLC, which is used in Europe, as well as the IsoBin 33 used in international supply chains. The reusable containers are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene.

By land, by sea

‘Both are among the most widely used international transport containers in automotive supply chains,’ Takyar notes. The containers were equipped with an additional lid and an inner pocket as well as four banding straps and certified for shipping dangerous goods by sea and land.  

The dimensions of the IsoBin 33 are 1,140 x 1,190 x 845 mm provide a maximum load weight of 907 kilograms. The empty weight is 48 kilograms. The EuroBin FLC has a dimension of 1,200 x 1,000mm x 980mm and weighs 47.7 kilograms empty. The load weight is 900 kilograms.

CHEP has served as a packaging partner for the automotive industry since 1975. Currently, the company operates 62 automotive centers worldwide while managing a pool of 300 million fast moving containers and pallets in global supply chains.

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