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Car makers ‘responsible body’ under China’s EV recycling law

Asia – China’€™s latest Electric Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Technology Policy (2015 edition) identifies car manufacturers as the ‘€˜responsible body’€™ for recycling. The legislation aims to provide guidance to the relevant enterprises to carry out EV power battery production and recycling, and will form the basis of a new recycling system for upstream and downstream firms in the sector.

Official data show that new EV ownership in China surpassed 120 000 vehicles last year. The government acknowledges this ‘rapid growth’ and therefore the considerable market for engine battery recycling. Scrapped EV power battery volumes in China are expected to reach 120 000 to 170 000 tonnes by the year 2020, according to the China Automotive Technology and Research Center.

However, commercial value exploration has been ‘restrained’, it is alleged, because no party has been assigned the task of ensuring proper recycling. The policy revision now hands this responsibility to domestic producers of EVs, as well as to overseas companies and import dealerships. It means that manufacturers must consider the policy before starting the production process.


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