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Call2Recycle sets battery and phone collection record

    North America – Compliance scheme Call2Recycle has cited enhanced consumer awareness in both the USA and Canada as the main reason why collections of batteries and mobile phones increased 5% in 2015 to a record 12.6 million pounds (5700 tonnes).

    A total of 7.1 million pounds (3200 tonnes) of batteries was collected in the USA last year, with the Great Lakes states and mountain regions seeing the most growth at, respectively, 12% and 11%. California also reached a significant milestone in collecting more than 1 million pounds of batteries for the fifth year in succession.

    According to Call2Recycle, 2015 marked the nineteenth consecutive year of increase in the volume of batteries diverted from landfills and recycled since collections began in 1996. More than 90% of residents in North America are said to live within 10 miles of one of Call2Recycle’s public drop-off locations – of which there are close to 30 000 in total.

    ‘Our battery recycling results are directly linked to the vital support of our programme participants, consumers and key constituents,’ says Carl Smith, ceo and president of Call2Recycle. ‘Without their environmental commitment, we would not be able to continue collecting, and arguably become one of the most successful recycling programmes in North America.’

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