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Bosch claims e-mobility battery breakthrough

Germany – German electronics firm Bosch is to launch a solid-state lithium-ion battery in five years from now that, it claims, will ‘€˜double the range of electric cars at half the cost of today’€™s batteries’€™. This news follows Bosch’€™s acquisition of next-generation battery developer Seeo, located in the US technology hub that is Silicon Valley.

Seeo has reportedly come up with a new method to make lithium batteries without a liquid electrolyte. The DryLyte technology requires no cooling system and won’t catch fire like its traditional lithium-ion counterpart. The new batteries are also said to be significantly lighter and to cost less to manufacture.

‘Bosch is using its knowledge and considerable financial resources to achieve a breakthrough for electromobility,’ comments the chairman of the company’s board of directors Dr Volkmar Denner. He labels the new battery type ‘a huge innovative leap’ in battery cell construction because it contains a pure lithium anode.

In current lithium-ion batteries, one of the reasons energy capacity is limited is because the anode consists largely of graphite. ‘Using solid-state technology, Bosch can manufacture the anode out of pure lithium, which considerably increases storage capacity,’ Denner explains.

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