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Battery recycling award for Jacques David

Recycling veteran Jacques David received the Honorary Award at the annual International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR), held in Geneva last week.

The accolade was in recognition of his lifetime contribution to managing recycling facilities, building collection networks and furthering the cause of environmentally sound battery recycling.

David began his career in the battery recycling business in 1977 and is a pioneer of recovering nickel, cobalt and cadmium from Ni-Cd batteries in order to reintroduce them into a recycling loop. Between 1995 and 2005, he specialised in battery sorting technology and his company Eurobatri has since developed successful automatic sorting units for portable batteries.

‘David’s lifelong commitment put the worldwide battery recycling industry on the path to a profitable and environmentally sound business model,’ comments Jean-Pol Wiaux, chairman on the ICBR steering committee, noting that the recycling specialist had attended all of ICM’s dedicated battery events over the previous 26 years.

Recycling International will publish a full review of this year’s edition of the ICBR in the final issue of 2021.

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