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Crisis-proof innovations boost Erema’s results

It’s been a fantastic financial year for Austrian plastics recycling technology expert Erema Group. During 2019-20, the company generated a…

Is Australian innovation the answer to complex plastics?

Australia consumes 3.4 million tonnes of plastic each year, of which only 9% is recycled. This low rate inspired technology…

Metal nano-particles drive fuel cell innovation

Northwestern University has discovered a way to create catalysts from metal nano-particles that could lead to better fuel cells. Another…

France Innovation Plasturgie

The leading trade show for plastics, composites & rubber

Colgate leads toothpaste tube recycling innovation

Did you know that around 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are discarded worldwide every year? Colgate has redesigned its packaging to improve the…

Battery Recycling Prize: US invests millions in innovation

US energy secretary Rick Perry hopes to spark innovation in battery recycling with the newly established Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize….

France drives asphalt innovation with recycled road

The French company Vinci Construction has built what’s claimed to be the world’s first stretch of motorway made entirely from…

US researchers win award for rare earths recycling innovation

Researchers at the Critical Materials Institute and Ames Laboratory have won a prestigious prize for inventing a magnet recycling process….

Sydney expo to highlight Australasian recycling innovations

Preparations for the upcoming Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo are in full swing. The free to attend two-day event will…

Platinum group metals innovation from South Africa saves a lot more energy

Platinum group metals represent an attractive market for recyclers in various parts of the world. A new player stepping onto…

Interseroh rewarded for plastics recycling innovations

Slovenia – Interseroh has been awarded a major Slovenian environmental prize for its ground-breaking research and development work in the…

Share your shear stories and win a GoPro!

It’s safe to say that scrap shears are the pillars of the recycling industry. But which configurations are the future? Take part in our tech survey and get a shot at winning a cool GoPro camera!

Thousands of scrap shears are driving recycling businesses all over the world. When it comes to different types, an operator may opt for maximum tonnage or flexibility, such as a mobile set-up. An integrated baling system is also gaining popularity. Ultimately, there is no wrong or right shear; it comes down to how you’re going to use it.

Our survey is meant to map the wants and needs of today’s dynamic recycling industry. Voice your opinion here and, who knows, you may be able to capture your recycling facility in action in HD.